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features: unlimitade number of pictures , privates messages, email verification ,Top 10 Guys and Girls displayed lasted pics .Email a picture to a friend. Online admin for deleting members,aprover or delete comments and here for more

There is No OTHER image vote software available that offers the multitude of functions that PHPIX provides. Highly developed multiple image upload engine, (Fully capable of disabling from the admin panel) providing users the option to upload multiple images and have them all rated to the same user here for more

Features a)Rating System that can be added in to any webpage b)Diplays the ratings done in percentage basis and users can rate the page from 1 to 5 c)You can configure your own welcome messages (the message will be displayed after the user rates the page) d)Header and footer can be modified e)IP here for more

This PHP script is designed to allow your website`s guests to rate everything you want on your site just with one click. If you need support about this script, or have any questions, just post a message on our forums Main Script Features : # Customizable appearance # Multiple ratings per page. # here for more

Based on a script by Gregor, but drastically altered afterwards. Simpel Rating system for files/pages/photos with administration. Provides rating on any scale you like 1-5, 1-10 ,excellent to rubish or whatever. Can link to your own rating system and at the same time can link to hotscripts as well. here for more

Create your here for more

A rating and reviewing system with many features and easy to implement into your site. You can choose how long a review can be, ratring option from 10 to 1, option to store maximum reviews on a text file, option to show latest maximum reviews, bad words filter, prevents visitors to vote more than here for more

Simple review system that can be used for visitors to post their reviews, views on movies, games, cars, products etc. UPDATED: Review manager, Skin system, Language File & here for more

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