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The review script is an appealing database driven resource for people to view and rate reviews. This site features a powerful PHP/MySQL programmed backend to deliver 50,000 records. This script is a great, easy revenue and viral traffic generator that almost runs itself. How it works With the here for more

A powerful, professional star rating system for your website works with MYSQL Database to store the ratings and to store ip to prevent multiple votes by the same user. Comes with password protected administration panel for clearing the statistics, ip logs and rating enteries from database. Its easy here for more

How would you like to create a site that not only interests you but your visitors as well? How would you like to make money in the process? This is a complete website that will allow you and your visitors to post comments and reviews on books from past to present and inform visitors in your area here for more

Add a commentary to a page. Show it exploded or just like xx comments. See url page for demo. Comments are now displayed on multipages that can be selected. Solved problem with directories more than 1 level deep. Email address harvest protection added. In this version all public displays now use here for more

A PHP based rating script, works without database, stores ip to prevent multiple votes by the same user, easy to install, supports multiple ratings on the same page. Now administration panel is added to manage the here for more

The Rate A Pic Script is a picture rating Script where people can post pictures for other`s to rate and post comments on. The site also features an email system for members to communicate through the website. This is is an excellent traffic builder with advertising revenue potential. As a free site here for more

PHPMini Reviews is a complex review system that allows you to post reviews for games. This version has advanced sorting features, and advanced skins which now allows you to run PHP inside of the template. The template system also allows you to fully edit the look of your site to help it look like a here for more

Cheap and user-friendly review /ratings script that allows yours site`s visitors to review pretty much anything. ReviewZ supports a wide variety of picture sizes so you can customize each review page if needed. Visitors comment on whatever you want reviewed and you can edit the reviews in the admin here for more

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