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This PHP web poll stores the data inside text files insted of the conventional database. It would be ideal for those who do not have MySQL installed on their host, and/or is they didn`t want to fiddle around with databases and take the simple apporach....click here for more

PHP based Polling system, main features include: Unlimited number of polls. Each poll with unlimited options. Easy to set it up on webpage. Password protected Administration panel for adding polls, editing polls, deleting polls, and resetting the statistics of poll. Ip logging prevents multiple vote...click here for more

In order to make the right marketing decisions, you need to find what your visitors think about your products, company and service. With MX Survey you can have this information first hand. MX Survey is a web application that allows you to write your own questions, build an appealing interface and pr...click here for more

Easy to use administration centre, quick and easy to install, supports most mysql and php hosts (linux/unix and windows servers tested), graphical poll result bar, percentages calculated, compact and easy to install into your main webpages. Now in version 2.1 features random and multiple polls....click here for more

PHPPole is a nice little poll script that allows visitors to cast a vote for up to 4 options on a poll. Administration web page panel with username and password login to create, modify view or delete up to 100 polls. Allows a different poll to show each time a person refreshes. Allows custom CCS Sty...click here for more

This script will help you to create your own polls as many as you like and place them to your site easily, so it will match the design of your site. It provides two types of integration: use php code to make your poll search engine optimized and javascript code for html,htm pages. * Also, if your se...click here for more

This is a XHTML Valid poll script that is really simple to use, and can be edited to suit any websites using CSS. It comes with an installation script so there is no need for having to manually create databases etc....click here for more

Features: Unlimited number of polls, comments system that can be turned on/off for each poll, easy to use admin panel, CSS file for customization, IP logging to prevent multi-votes on polls, ability to edit poll questions....click here for more

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