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MultiPoll is a script designed for people who want to offer free poll hosting to their users. It is written entierly in PHP and MySQL and has many great features. Users have an administration area to manage their polls and administrators. The "main" admin can manage his/her users via a sec...click here for more

Same features as HotorNot. Check it out! The price is very negotiable! Hope you enjoy it!...click here for more

This Expanded version of our Popular Rate `em & Rank `em with a Rate a Date theme. This version Displays the Info about the photo. Visitor`s can View more photos of the same person, post comments or send a message to the Postee. Visitors can only vote once on each pic. Script comes with Admin Pa...click here for more

DreamPoll is a lite version of DreamPoll. It has all the features of DreamPoll w/out 2 features: Default Poll and Show Votes Number on the poll. It allows you to create your own polls as many as you like and place them to your site easily. It allows you to create a poll that prevents multiple votes ...click here for more

Pollster -- our multi-poll PHP script -- is designed to make short work of creating a variety of polls for your site. With Pollster you can have as many polls on a page as you want, and when setup as directed the poll results will display right on your page! Your polls can have 2 to 6 responses. Eac...click here for more

Start your own photo rating website with this complete "rate my photo" script. Rate guys. Rate girls. Hot or Not! Users upload their photos, which are rated out of ten by other members. You can upload your own affiliate banners and earn extra revenue by selling banner advertising. You set ...click here for more

You see these scripts everywhere. Visitors vote on pictures, movies, products they bought and contests. Each script comes with instructions to edit the images and setup. Vote script includes 5 Stars, Thumbs Up-Down and Pop-Poll. All scripts require PHP and MySQL. They are fully functional, try them ...click here for more

With Comdev Vote Caster, visitors participate and site owners can study final results. Web voting has become widely employed by a variety of even the largest companies. A great way to find out what visitors want is to simply ask. Also, online voting fosters interaction amongst website communities al...click here for more

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