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DSPoll is a many-sided voting system. Features include: Many polls(on the page and in the other polls) Admin page with add poll and list polls.(options: edit, delete) (max 12. answer, poll activation). Requires: PHP + MySQL. Easy installation with install.php. The size is only 15 kb (zip)...click here for more

This is a Simple poll system, and show the number of vots per option and number of vots in total. And stadistics with images....click here for more

This is a great script if you want to have the opinion of your visitors about something. The script can be used on multiple pages without the use of a database. Easy to install, only one line of code needed to set up your polls....click here for more

This is the Bad Business PHP script. What a concept! They got the credit reporting agencys to tell on us when were are bad but until now there was nothing to tell on them when they were doing business dishonestly or were not fair to their customers. With Bad Business you can install this and watch t...click here for more

Create and manage your own poll is REALLY easy with AJPoll. This free php script lets you create, edit and test your poll (up to 7 answers) through an easy to use web interface. You may insert your poll into any page you want simply including one php file. AJPoll show results as colored graphical ba...click here for more

SMe Poll is a voting system for your web site , Display the results in a graphical mode, and more, admin area for customize settings very simple to use and install....click here for more

Free Photo Management System for your pictures. This ASP web based software is similar to the AmIhot web site, allowing users to post pictures and have other users rate them. Extremely flexible script, which can be quickly deployed with minimal setup!...click here for more

PhotoRate allows you to create your own image voting website. Visitors to your site can rate images on a scale of 1 to 5, and voting results are displayed on the page. Visitors can also upload their own photos, and leave their email, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and homepage information as well....click here for more

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