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spiderPoll v1.1 is a voting poll. Users may vote once and view the poll any number of times. The webmaster sets a closing date. Vote choices are set using a text file....click here for more

A voting script that is customizable as well as easy to translate. It can easily change the appearence via the template file. Uses both cookies and IP to limit the possibility to vote more than once, although the script can be configured to allow multiple votes. All votes can be saved for future ref...click here for more

The Amazing Little Picture Poll is a simple to set-up and easy to configure picture voting script. It`s big brother, LittlePoll has been around for three years and works like a charm - it`s proven technology....click here for more

FunGL is a full featured free poll creation web based application. This application will allow you to create polls (including graphical output such as pie chart or bar chart), to be placed on any web site to survey end users opinions on any topic. The software supports two user types, administrators...click here for more

Functions: +Poll creator, -You can set up question ;) -You can set up unlimited number of answers +Poll appearance editor +cookie blockade +Diagram +Votes counter +Poll editor -You can edit questios -You can edit answers -You can edit number of votes in each answer -You can add new answer -You can d...click here for more

Some of its features include Administration area: Where you can create/edit/manage as many polls as you want having complete control Controlled Voting: Choose if you want to restrict people into only voting once Results Display: Choose if you want to display the total votes, votes per result and vot...click here for more

This is not a simple pool tool neither it provides evaluation scripts for colected data. For scientific/marketing research professionals with no (or very basic) programming knownledge. Features: random sequence of questions, rotation of items, branching/skip logic with unlimited number of conditions...click here for more

Vz Poll System is a PHP-MySql managing system for polls. A simple but complete administration panel let you modify , add answers , reset , delete , close and open your polls. You get the javascript or php code to include the poll (or polls) into your site`s pages. A script to show old closed polls a...click here for more

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