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Polly (PHP) is a dynamic polling system written in PHP. It features: Unlimited creation of polls, with start and end date; Full management control through a web interface; Full control over the colors, graph images, start date and end date of a poll; and Multiple polls can be placed at the same time...click here for more

UCWeb Poll System Lite is a fully customizable poll system that doesn`t require a database. It features: the ability to insert the poll in any php file with ease; the ability to run more than one poll on a single page; Admin Control Panel to add, remove, modify, and archieve polls; Fully and easily ...click here for more

nWebSystems VS an application driven by PHP/MySQL. It has a simple to use interface with adminstration panel allowing for creation and editing of polls, user administration and simple setup script that will create all necessary tables and default data. <b>1.01 Beta update:</b&am...click here for more

USD eVoter has been designed (and implemented in PHP) to setup a simple and secure online voting booth on your server. eVoter`s primary intention is to facilitate secure online voting for students voting in student government elections....click here for more

@lex EBS Poll is a powerful poll admin script, without using any database. Features: automatic installation, password-protected admin, unlimited number of polls, unlimited number of questions for each poll, highly configurable and adaptable to your site via very intuitive forms, check of the voting ...click here for more

ProtoPoll is an easy to set up poll script. You can set a time interval in which it automatically updates to the next poll (if there is any). Questions are added by just filling out a form. As only one vote is allowed per ip, you don´t have to worry about "vote flooders"....click here for more

vPoll is a revolutionary voting script developed using PHP and MySQL. It features flexible administrative interface which lets the administrator customize the poll in detail. vPoll also generates a graphical summary of the votes....click here for more

Actionpoll implements an ordinary voting system in PHP that uses a MySQL database on backend. Features include: written in PHP (object oriented style), unlimited possible options, easy configurable for your site through css, no multiple votes through ip tracking, HTML and WML Output, if a certain nu...click here for more

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