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A news posting script with a twist; an image gallery (with upload support - JPG, GIF, PNG), dynamic titles and menus on all pages, an archive feature, administrative backend so not much php experience needed. No database is required, this uses flatfiles as the news database. CSS styles and a here for more

PHPFreeNews allows you to maintain and publish news articles on your website. Features include: - View the news as short-posts and long-posts - Make news available as RSS feeds. - Categorise your news - Prioritise your news. - Define separate users with permissions. - Edit the templates used to here for more

This script allows you to extract posts from any forum in an existing phpBB database and include them on any page of your website (for example your homepage). Easily customisable to your design. Also includes BBcode translation and seperate page for viewing news articles if here for more

wpBlog is a simple blog script that enables you to post your thoughts on the web. Supporting integration with wpRant, wpBlog also includes a comments box to allow your visitors to comment as here for more

Don`t need any advanced features? Don`t understand how to install and configure a complex script? Then KZ-News is for you! While being extremely easy to install and change for your own needs, it still has the most important functuanality - Admin area with multiple login accounts, where you can add, here for more

EasyPHPNews A basic News Poster. Makes HTML files and adds to news to the recent list. Specify how many recent posts to show with the Summary, or use the button to show more. Open news.php edit a few config settings to your liking and here for more

MD News will allow you to easily add and administrate news straight to your website which your visitors can see instantly. It includes a latest news file that can be included in your home page and a news archive page so your visitors can see all the past news. An easy to use administration area is here for more

News Engine is an easy to use power-tool for your homepage. You can publish news splitted in different categories with comments (optional), categorie pictures, member area, powerfull admin area, installscript and many more. The script supports language files for the user-area, the language of the here for more

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