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Article Manager is a simple content management PHP program to speed up your activity of adding news, articles or press releases into your site. A number of latest article summaries can be included in your main page or press release page with their links to whole article pages. Installation is very here for more

This script allows registered users with the right access levels to view, add, edit and delete news on your website. NOTE: requires RedCMS Login Script to here for more

an easy to use php and mysql based news system. fully template driven, fully configurable control panel. setup as many categories as you need, users can submit news stories to be approved by the admin users. all news stories have expiration dates to help keep your news current. 100% free here for more

This script is an easy to install write to flat file database. Its so easy to use, logg-in to the admin panel, add news, view news. Its a really neat way of displaying news and i use it on my own site! here for more

You can set this News Ticker to show a single line scroller or a box center, left or right. Text will pause when you pass your mouse over it. It is very easy to make it show clickable links, images or anything else you want. Providing you can code it in HTML you can scroll it as part of your news here for more

SZNewsHandler is a smart template driven news system with many feateures. Unlimited categories Per page display Template driven Subscription by email Activation/inactivation Link to related posts SZNewsHandler can also be intergrated with SZUserMgnt so that it can be used by many here for more

aWebNews is a simple news and comment manager designed for small to medium websites. At only 48KB compressed it has a small footprint and only requires PHP support and a MySQL database. Features of this version include: news categories, full control over all stories and comments, and an easy and here for more

A free full-featured news manager that allows you to post news effortlessly and easily. Includes: Unlimited users, each with custom permissions, unlimited posting categories, web-based configuration, news search, comments, word filter/keywords, and a complete auto-installer for a quick setup in here for more

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