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Pivot is a tool to create weblogs (and to some extent other dynamic websites), written in PHP. Pivot is easy to setup, easier to maintain and even easier to work with. Features: Template based- Fully adaptable to your wishes; Language packs supported; Easy to upload and include pictures with your here for more

simple newsletter script, use MySQL database to store news articles and subscribed users,template based, easy customizable , admin here for more

This is a small, yet effective script with the following functions available: add news, and publish news on your site. No comments, no RSS. It`s all written in PHP and MySQL, no other language. It should be included within one of your pre-existing pages because it currently does not have any CSS or here for more

An easy to use php/mysql news cms system. Based on php and mysql, so it is very fast and easy to setup. Login and quickly add a new news item with a news date and an expiration date. Non-admin users can also be setup to add new content, but the story has to be activated by an admin user. Easy to here for more

Extremely easy to install and use news management system based on PHP with the renowned MySQL database backend. It allows the news to be edited from anywhere. Support for multiple users and multiple user levels. Also includes avatar and comments support. All settings can be changed in the here for more

qliteNews or "quick" and "lite" news allows you to post, edit, modify news easily with no other fancy options! You can easily edit this script and easy to learn here for more

An easy to use content management news system. This system uses sytle sheets for most design elements, this makes it easy to change and customize to your own look. Web based content adminitration makes adding and changing pages a simple and fast process. 100% free content management news system is here for more

Zomplog is an easy to use weblog system, that works out-of-the-box, while staying very flexible in the way it can be applied. It supports all you would expect from a weblog-system: image upload, categories, comments, skins, an archive, language files (currently English, German, Dutch), search, here for more

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