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sips is an integrated Weblog and link-indexing system written in PHP. It is aimed at those with access to databaseless, PHP-enabled Web servers who want to run a Weblog site like Slashdot and/or a simple link index like Yahoo! here for more

This is a development site for site_foundation, a "post-your-story-here" type application written in PHP using MySQL on backend not unlike slash or Thatware. Its main difference lies in its backend, user levels to determine who sees what and a cleaner administartive interface. here for more

Igloo is a weblog application written in PHP which powers such sites as Mr. Penguin ( and Class of 97( Igloo uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling. It currently features article posting, polls, user registration and management, article here for more

inertianews is a php news, or web-log, management script designed for the more advanced webmaster, who may already have some experience with php, but is looking for a powerful news system that can be dropped inside their own site designs. inertianews was designed so that it could, in most here for more

NUNE is a powerful news script which features complete Web-based administration, Web-based posting, unique user logins with different access levels, a fully-featured comments system, advanced archiving, customizable templates, and ease of here for more

This is a simple PHP script that lets you add text news to your homepage through a Web admin interface. It allows you to add, delete, modify and list the news articles. Methods used include: form handlin, file handling, POST method, and here for more

Hotnews is a news generator written enterily in PHP. It consists of two parts. A main engine that display`s the news and an administrative interface to add, modify and delete news. It is enterly based on templates so it is very easy to change the layout to fit your here for more

Nope is an Open Source, lightweight alternative to the Zope/Slashdot style interactive web page/news source. It`s modelled after Zope, but is written from scratch in PHP/MySQL. For an example of Nope in action, see here for more

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