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This is a dynamic web based press release management application. Features: Dynamically post press releases directly to your web site through a user friendly web interface, Press releases will be listed by date, View a detailed version of the press release by just clicking on the press release link, here for more

Keld is a PHP/MySQL based news script similar to NewsPro. Unlike NewsPro, Keld is database-driven, and written in PHP. It features multiple users, types of users, and customizable news here for more

Ad Fundum Integratable News Script (AINS) is a php-script for submitting news. Its main goals are easy integration into existing designs, ease of use and here for more

LaNewsFactory is a complete PHP-based web news and forums engine. It features: provides a single tool for two different usages (forums and news engine), requires no database, support for topics, thread and moderation, HTML templates support, Search capacity, RSS export, and here for more

PT News is a simple news system, that use plain text files for storing data. Main features include: Uses plain text files for storing data, Small - only one include file (aprox. 12K), Web Administration - create, delete and edit news, Topics support - display news only for selected topic, Support here for more

NewsDaemon is a PHP based news tool. It is designed to allow users to submit news and comment on stories. It is the tool used by Daemon News for its Daily news site at NewsDaemon is written in PHP and Perl, and uses a MySQL database on here for more

PHP First Post! is yet another PHP weblog. This one, however, is based on <a href="">Scoop</a>, and has the open submission queue and comment rating system that here for more

phpWebLog is a small collection of PHP scripts that allows you to setup a news-oriented discussion website, much like slashdot, kuro5hin, etc in a matter of minutes. It shares variables declared in a single configuration file and uses a MySQL database to store all here for more

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