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Newspaper.php is a php program which concatenates all valid Web pages out of a bundle in a directory. But only those which are needed for today. You decide which pages shall be visible by a configuration file called newspaper_include.php which you simple edit by notepad. All this is driven by a here for more

Sitenews is an all in one solution for posting news messages on your site. Instead of having to type each news item in HTML, you can go to your sitenews admin section and type it into a very easy to understand input screen and it will appear on your site. Other neat functions are that you can here for more

QuickNEWS is a configurable and flexible PHP script that allows users to email news or other postings to their web site. Its strongest asset is the ease in which it allows you to quickly add web content. All you do is send an email with your content and it gets posted wherever and however you wish here for more

vNews is a site news script used to relay the latest information regarding any topic to visitors. vNews comes with a powerful and flexible administration module where administrators/webmasters can easily change the look of the embedded news to conform with their existing site here for more

ENews lets you post or edit news on your web site quickly and easily through your browser. Features admin area, multiple category support, HTML tag support, easy integration into virtually any web site design, easy setup, and news here for more

EvoNews is a free php/mysql-based multi-use news posting system. It supports multple users and includes various features to help you mangage your site here for more

ColumnPro is basically used for managing a website`s columns, with each user being able to post/edit/delete their own personal news. The main features include: Allows multiple users to manage their own columns, Admin front-end allowing you to create new users, Change your individual password and here for more

ScratchLog is a Weblog/Journal script based on PHP and MySQL. Features include: Commenting - Allows people to comment on your entries, Edit Entries - Allows the administrator or moderator to edit the entries, Delete Entries - Only the administrator can delete entries, Password Protected Admin here for more

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