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phpIP Management is tool to manage IP addresses. It features authentication for accessing the IP database, form validity checks, and customizable here for more

A speed test (bandwidth meter) that logs to a MySQL database for admin here for more

A class with example for ip calculation purposes (network address calculation, `ip in subnet` tests.) here for more

Determines country of IP address entered using RIPE rpsl database. Could be used as a module for statistics here for more

IP-Atlas uses NetGeo data to find latitude and longitude coordinates for a domain or ip address, as well as the city and country. It then uses GD or CSS to plot it on the here for more

This simple utility allows you to find all hostnames (if any) on a particular domain. You can either put a hostname or an ip address and program will scan the entire subdomain to locate hostnames which resolve. It is very easy to install and to here for more

PHP looking glass was created to be used with CISCO routers, but it`s very simple and can be adapted to other vendor here for more

IDIA creates a static way of communicating with computers which have been assigned dynamic IP addresses. In other words, idia makes it possible for the public to access your computer as a game, web, ftp, mail, or news server via one permanent internet address. This script is available for PHP and here for more

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