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FuZZY is a network analyzer that is designed to act as an Acceptable Use Policy Infraction Detector (AUPID). It is a tool that will allow Network or System Administrators to monitor and manage their user`s activies over the network. This includes filtering things such as web pages, emails, and here for more

JFFNMS is a complete NMS designed to mantain a SNMP / Tacacs / Syslog Network and Servers, very extensible and here for more

Have you ever wanted to figure out which ports are open on a particular server? Do you own or administer a large number of machines and need a way to check them for open ports? If so, PortPeeker is just what you`re looking for. PortPeeker is an extremely flexible and fast portscanning script. You here for more

ProxyCheck will check a list of web proxies to see whether or not they`re open. If you have a program or another script which relies upon having open HTTP proxies, this will be an invaluable tool for you! Weed out the closed or nonresponsive proxies from your list with this tool. ProxyCheck can be here for more

ADSLLog is a utility to show the status of a broadband connection (cable, ADSL or DSL) with a graphical display and a log of traffic over the link. The statistics are collected in a MySQL database, for easy analysis and displaying on Webpages. Drill down capability is provided. Full documentation here for more

PHP script for realtime monitoring of the current server incoming and outgoing traffic. Can be used to trigger special events on too high or low bandwidth consumption. Works only on Linux here for more

The script displays statistics and/or graphic bar showing the current bandwidth utilization. Works only on Linux here for more

Open web proxies can be used for a number of things - surfing anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards, some of them even let you send email or make arbitrary connections to other here for more

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