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This script takes your content and searches for specific words. When it finds them, it replaces them with links to the specific url for that word and still shows the word. Great for sites with tough words to be linked to or some other such here for more

i originally built this for a domain that i had lying in a hosting account doing nothing so i spent an hour building this simple scipt- one page and one form that allows anyone to add a link- no admin because you can edit the entries from phpmyadmin or something similar. 5 minute install!! here for more

ButtonUp is a button link management php script used for uploading buttons and adding, editing and deleting links to a button here for more

A simple easy to use links manager! You can create categories, assign users, guests and so much more! System requirments: Requires MySQL Database and PHP v.4 or higher) Runs on both Unix and Window Servers. Fully tested on here for more

Plugboard is a small and simple script that allows users to post a button link on your site. Features include IP logging, domain banning, IP banning, set image size and no double plugs. Keep your visitors coming here for more

FEATURES 1. Displays a chosen number of random links 2. Links are displayed as either text or an image 3. New description option (to be used with text links) 4. Simple deletion from the administration panel 5. Display a readout of all of those in the database with the showall.php 6. Very here for more

The Link Management Assistant totally automates your reciprocal link partner management, allowing you to focus entirely on securing more strategic link partners to increase your websites link popularity & search engine rankings. It`s also versatile enough to be used as a basic stand alone niche here for more

Run your own PHP Scripts Directory like this one. Users can browse through 76 categories, search the listings, submit their own scripts and edit them here for more

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