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Online picture gallery with admin panel. Easy to setup and to use! here for more

Simple image gallery in iframes controlled by a session variable. Very useful as a session tutorial or as a simple image gallery here for more

Image navigator allows browsing full screen images. Very easy installation and does not require GD, image magic or any database. Just put the pictures inside of the same directory of index.php that comes with Image here for more

Easily add Comic Gallery to existing webpages, and modify the configuration to produce a variety of gallery styles suitable for webcomics and other types of artwork. This script can be included on your page with a single line of code, and uses minimal, standards based markup (XHTML) that can be here for more

PHP Photo Gallery is a very simple way to make an online image gallery. Photo Gallery pages can be quickly set up by setting a couple variables, and can be integrated in to any existing HTML page. After you use it once, you should be able to set up new galleries in about 30 here for more

Features * Automatic thumbnail generator, * Automatic pagination, * Ability to edit names, descriptions and alt attributes online, * Ability to upload images online, * Valid XHTML 1 Strict Mark-Up, * ability to delete individual images and directories, * comment system, * ability to adjust here for more

xmlGallery v1.0 is a one-page image gallery. Using an XML file, you can easily add, edit, and delete images with captions. The owner may choose between a table and a linear presentation. Both presentations are completely customizable using a here for more

Yet another gallery script... I wrote this because I got tired of all of these other scripts that were hard to edit and had too many features I wasn`t interested in. This is a simple picture indexing script that generates thumbnails on the fly. All you have to do is change a couple paths in the here for more

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