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Snipe Gallery is a searchable PHP/mySQL photo gallery manager. Features: Easy to install; Dynamic thumbnailing, but only in the admin, and only if the thumbnail doesn`t already exist, to keep the server load down; Ability for admin to supress images that should not appear in user view; Supports PNG, here for more

This is a simple php picture gallery for jpeg images. It simply reads pictures from your directories and uses mysql for user login as well as user access to specific directories (albums) that you specify for each of your here for more

PhpWebGallery is a image gallery with a simple installation interface and admin pannel. Features : user management, groups, category privacy status, multi-server support (to store your pictures on another Web site), user comments, HTML templates, virtual categories, multilingual support, advanced here for more

Yet Another PHP Image Gallery is a simple script written in PHP that uses de GD library and designed for keeping on a web your personal photos or image albums. Easy installation, visitors tracking, users can comment photos, no SQL required, web based admin tool, template system,slideshow, ftp or here for more

PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with NEXT and BACK buttons that navigate through a list of images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features include: - Zero Configuration Setup for here for more

Ever had a collection of photos from your holidays or parties that you wanted to make them available on the web for your friends and relatives to enjoy? With EPIG, you can do just that. All that you need is web space to host your EPIG album with PHP & GD support. Simply upload the EPIG files on here for more

A wonderful OnLine Photo Gallery, complete with SlideShows! You can create categories, assign users, guests and so much more! Runs on both Unix and Window Servers. Fully tested on Unix. (Requires MySQL Databank and PHP v.4 or higher) here for more

A quick image gallery script. This script generates thumbnails for you and used javascript to quickly load the full sized images. Please note that you will need the GD library and PHP 4+ in order for this script to work. Currently the script only works for .jpg here for more

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