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Weatimages is very easy to use program that allows you to organize powerful web-based photo albums on your website in a minimal time. To publish photo album you just need to put one file from Weatimages distributive to a separate website directory containing your photos or folders (which become here for more

PhotoStand is a free photoblogging application. - Easy to install - Easy to use - Multi-Languages - Multi-Categories - xHTML & CSS valid - RSS & Atom - Addons - Skinnable - Statistics - Import option - Possibility to post more than 1 photo / article - Url Rewriting possible - here for more

Zeta Image Hosting Script is a fully functional ready-to-go image hosting system with advanced membership features. The script includes an advanced administration panel in which administrators can view and delete users and individual images, ban IPs. This script also uses the smarty template system, here for more

BSoftImageTheque is a picture gallery for jpg, png and gif. It`s possible to view the pics by directories, and by IPTC here for more

The TinyWebGallery is a free php based gallery that is very easy to install, extremely user friendly, does not need a database (uses xml files) but still has all the features you should expect and much more. Besides the features you find in most other galleries TWG has e.g. - DHTML navigation with here for more

The PHP Image Gallery script searches subdirectories for image files and creates the corresponding links and navigation for them. Per-photo comment is supported. The script doesn`t support index pages or thumbnails, just the photos and navigation are shown. Small and to-the-point. Version 2 uses here for more

Very simple photo album, simple to install and simple to here for more

Use this basic photo gallery to display images on your site! It contains a simple backend that can add/modify/delete photos, and is password protected. Very easy to install, be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Requires MYSQL / here for more

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