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Flat-file guestbook written in php and html. Uses a seperate style-sheet to control colours. Simple to setup. User comes on site, types a message and clicks add. Simple! here for more

Fully functional php & mySQL guestbook loaded with tons of features and packed for premium optimization and performance! * Web-based administration control panel * Prevent double-posting or post-hammering! * Allow or disallow HTML * Enable a notification email to receive a notice when you here for more

YapGB is a free guestbook written in PHP, it features: - no database needed, just a plain text file, - allows modification and deletion of entries, - fully customizable appearance through a template system. - custom timezone. - notification of new entries. - smilies and BBCode support (*new). YapGB here for more

This is very simple script, a TEXT BASED Guestbook`s data Need only one PHP file program and one TEXT file for data, No need for MySQL database. Featured with: - Record Paging - Duplicate Entry Check - HTML Code Parsing - Long Words spliter - and much more. Just try it, and you`ll know what I mean here for more

Admbook is a guestbook written in PHP that uses a text file for storing data. It features Web admin to delete unwanted messages, reply message, message length validation, HTMLs are forbidden, keep alive link, page spanning, filter censored word, replace smile to picture, protection from flood, here for more

A great guestbook with good features that include banning adding smilies and word filters and has a very easy to use admin interface. Just added themes, languages you can now create your own themes and language here for more

v5.1.1 BugFix Released! An advanced PHP guestbook program that does not require sessions, cookies, or an rdbms. Allows Quoting of messages and Admin Moderation. Can be Public or Private. Message editing by User. Theme Builder included. Private messaging. Flexible logging capabilty for tracking here for more

This is a simple PHP guestbook script that uses a MySQL database to store entries. It includes the option for admin to reply to each entry. Also ASP version is available on its homepage. The latest version now includes automatic confirmation emails when entries are posted. It also includes the here for more

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