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Eplebook is a guestbook written in PHP that allow visitors to leave comments on your website. If you should need to remove or edit any of the comments, you can do so in the password protected admin area. It has been tested on and should work with both PHP4 and PHP5. Uses here for more

SZGuestbook is a template driven Guestbook Class with a complete administration interface. The visitors has the ability to rate the site as they post comments and the administrator may remove improper comments or edit here for more

phpBook is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program. Features: Nice interface; Fast and stable code; Language templates (english, german, italian, potuguese, french, dutch, swedish, chinese, japanese, danish, etc); Location templates (world, europe, belgium, etc); IP logging and banning; Browser logging; here for more

IS Shout is simple shoutbox script. It has custimiazable colours (style sheet) It writes to txt file which makes it evry easy to install and use on your website. Download pack comes with everything you need for it to function, all you need is to put a link or iframe to it on your site! here for more

A currently simple PHP/MySQL driven guestbook that is still getting more and more features. This guestbook is constantly being improved so what you see now is not hat you will see later. This is just a preview of what will later be an absolutely amazing guestbook. This system is easy to install here for more

Users can upload a photo when they sign your guestbook! :) Admin can edit/delete entries. Very simple script, just change a few here for more

Fantastic Guestbook has a powerful admin area to manage the guestbook but is also simple to use. It supports Avatars, Smilies, badword filter and banning of ip addresses. It uses templates so any part of it can be modified. It includes an update checker so you can always keep it up to date with the here for more

Okay, okay, there are so many guestbooks, but this one is cool and easy to install, I think. This version I wrote from scratch, but it`s replacing all my older guestbooks. Just upload it, create the MySQL table and run it. The layout can be done trough a template, or just use the standard templates, here for more

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