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guestMap is a PHP script that utilizes the Google Maps API and a MySQL database. It allows visiters to your website to click on a Google map and "mark" their location. This scripts is still very young and being actively developed. guestMap is now on version 2.2. If you have downloaded it here for more

phpGuests v1.0 Features: Multiple Catagories: phpGuests offers you the option of having multiple catagories for your guestbook visitors. Admin Controls: Admin controls gives you control over the catagories and removing post right from your browser. Password Protected Admin Controls: Admin controls here for more

With this free script you can setup a simple yet powerful guestbook for your site. If you want to know what your visitors feelings about your website, MyPHPGuest is the perfect script for you. It has a very nice interface which can attract visitors and will forced to leave their own message. There here for more

A simple but easy to use and modify Shoutbox / Guestbook system, with a flexiable licence and easy to edit here for more

The Purple Yin Guestbook is a free guestbook application for your website. It is highly customizable via robust administration functions. It is written in here for more

This is a free guestbook script that is part of the Fast Easy Free script suite that is in progess. It has a very simple CSS and table based layout plus an easy to use admin center with full login here for more

This script is a guestbook. With it your visitors have the possibility to drop you a comment on your website, greet you, say hi or whatever simply by filling out a short form. All the guestbook entries will be displayed on the guestbook-page. You can specify how many entries you want to be here for more

This is an advanced php/flat file shoutbox with many features like template change, sticky posts and smileys. Great if you want a uniquely styled shoutbox as the change can be made by editing one here for more

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