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A simple guestbook written in PHP and with MySQL database. Can easily integrate in your existing here for more

With this script you can setup a guestbook for your site. No MySQL database is required to run this script. It supports smileys, email notification of new entries, message deletion, private posts and style customization. It even comes with e-mail protection against SPAM harvesters and a bad words here for more

This is a simple PHP MySQL guestbook script that allows you to easily delete posts, edit posts, block words and block ip addresses. You can also easily change the design of the guestbook by editing one of the here for more

This guestbook is very simple. It has a guestbook view file and an add entry file, nothing else. It can easily be integrated into any webpage. I made it because I could never find any simple scripts that didn`t use css, or that were easy to integrate into a here for more

Guestbook v1.0 is an advanced guestbook, based on mysql and php, including administration by user and full css design. Includes: - MySql database - Php scripts - CSS file Features: - Admin - Easy to put in your here for more

A guestboook script written in PHP. Features: Data stored in MySQL, admin interface, support for multiple languages, support for multiple instances in one database, multiple layouts, own header can be defined, support of BBCode and smilies, flood protection, IP banlist, bad word list, admins can here for more

This is a Guestbook, that will allow your visitors to add comments into your website, they will be able to add their email address and website url in the post, it works with an MySQL Database. It has BBcodes, can add images, link urls, and has Emoticons!! here for more

This is a re-write of a quasi-chatroom script (also available on my site), simpler but a tad more elegant. It`s intended purpose is to allow a `topic-specific` comment area on multiple pages of a site. Features display of posters country flag (based on an IP lookup coutesy at, single here for more

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