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This is a PHP class for calculating the Net Present Value (netpv or npv) here for more

This is a PHP class that calculates an Annual Percentage Rate (APR). It can be incorporated into your own here for more

Have you always wanted to start a hyip. Here is your solution, for an affordable price. It contains all features that you might need. We Also offer ready to run hyip sites and easy to install and run hyip scripts.With our scripts starting an HYIP site is so easy that you wont feel the pain unlike here for more

Magia Accountant provides high-end accounting capabilities at a fraction of most competitors’ prices. Features include: unlimited accounts & transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance transfers, account reconciliation, invoicing, estimates, check printing, payroll, customer here for more

Cash Account is a simple and effective online program to manage your personal bank account. You could easily add, edit, and delete your financial transactions and check information. The account balance is automatically updated when a transaction is added, modified or here for more

`GOLDPRO` combines the easy recruitment and lite registration of GOLD EDITION with the much sought after INTEREST COMPONDING ADDON that are demanded by most of our customers. In additional, GOLD PRO added a important way which admins are able to offer investment plans to their customers; giving the here for more

Projects Pool provides a free unbranded customizable currency converter for easy currency localization of your on-line store or web site. The currency converter is based on JavaScript & remotely hosted PHP scripts, and can be integrated into any web site or shopping cart. This was originally here for more

`GOLD EDITION` comprises faster recruitment process and additional anonyomity from their customer base. All these in one easy to install script, with functions of Members Registration only take place after their deposits, Liter registration system, Inclusive of our very own referral here for more

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