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Eight Ball Software has now released their initial version of phpInvoice - A top-notch web-based billing & invoicing solution. It is Open Source, fully customizable, written in PHP/Pear, and currently uses a MySQL backend, although any SQL-based backend will work with here for more

This is the easiest to use HYIP system ever built. Installs in minutes and lets you run your HYIP sites here for more

Give your members an alternative to the IBStore bank. The Perfect Bank offers many features your members will find agreeable. Savings Accounts: Variable interest rate that changes on a random basis Interest is compounded daily Each members funds are hidden from other members No service charges here for more

CurConv is class, allows you to convert your currency to another currency, the example convert USD to here for more

Plugin for smarty for convert one currency to another here for more

FlexBookkeeping is designed for hosting companies to manage unlimited recurring orders and edit status of all accounts easily. It is ideal for webhosts using 2checkout and other third party payment process which support "Passback Parameters" - Clients will see signup form after a credit here for more

A PHP based Escrow system, using PayPal to fund account. Allowing seemless transactions between purchaser and seller, with no money changing hands using you as a `middle man` minus your here for more

Add PayPal subscriptions and single sale items to your website. It features a complete admin area to add and remove new products, the ability update script settings for PayPal, and a product listing here for more

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