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New release version 7.0... more features available... It is great tool for small to mid-size business to manage your client`s invoices. Cool features include: * easy to setup recurring bills, * PDF invoice output, * foreign language support, * different currency support at client level, * EAN13 here for more

Here is a brief exerpt from my website: "I have developed an extremely easy to use stock ticker, which has the following features: 1. Enable or disable, and if disabled display a message. 2. Easily manage all the stocks you would like to display. 3. Different "views". This means that here for more

Allow your users the ability to Pre-Qualify themselves using this application, then you can obtain user data and On-line Pre-Qualifications submitted to you in real here for more has launched the latest HYIP software with many advanced features. The egold integrated HYIP script comes with Mass payout option, Any number of customized scheme, Bonus to individual or all, Penalty to an individual or all the members, Advanced Webmaster’s control panel, Bulk Mailer, here for more

Provide your borrowers with their Loan Status that works 24/7 using your Point Calix Loan Origination software right from your Loan Processors PC. You do not need to hire a full-time processor to do this. 60 seconds is the only time spent at the end of the business day to produce and upload your here for more

AJMIGS is a fully functional migs(an another type of share cycle) website. Users may fund their money using Stormpay, intgold, Egold, Evocash (Other processor can be added upon request). Users can view their Statistics (Number of shares purchased, Number of shares cycled, Number of shares not here for more

AJ Square Inc has launched the latest Sharecycle software with many advanced features. The site is integrated with 4 payment processors e-gold, int gold, evocash, storm pay & paypal if needed. The site comes with advanced features like email verification system, can be customized to introduce here for more

HYIP Manager is a package for investment sites. This software helps you to easily create and manage your own HYIP. This HYIP script supports unlimited plans and users, turing image, ban users, block user`s account, customizable newsletters, flexible compounding settings and many other features. here for more

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