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This is a simple function that can be used to check Social Security Numbers for validity based upon the issuance algorithm used by the Social Security here for more

Create and Print invoices on the fly, with this PHP Invoice design form. Completely customisable to your specifications via the config file. Enable/Disable VAT. Use your own letterheaded paper or add your own graphics/logo to the form. Edit the config file and then upload to your PHP enabled here for more

Give your members an opportunity to put their points in a savings account with a variable interest rate, or purchase Certificates of Deposit with a fixed high rate of interest. If you have the IBStore installed on your IPB, your members can use both banks. Give you members a choice, and options. here for more

ProTimeJournal is a Web Based time reporting, recording and billing application for service organisations: consultants and other time based personnel. With ProTimeJournal you can record and keep track of billable time, services and expenses, and, in the end, generate on-screen and paper reports. here for more

How would you like to own your very own payment processing website and business built with security-minded programming? The Software that allows you to own and operate your very own paypal, stormpay type of website and you make a percentage of each transaction that takes place on your site , Just here for more

Dolphin is Web-based accounting software that allows access to a database from anywhere with an Internet connection, and features order entry, invoicing, a shopping cart, inventory control, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, general ledger, a CRM, marketing, a user friendly here for more

PHP Personal Finance System is a php and mysql web based personal finance manager. It was written because of the lack of free web based personal finance management software. A new improved version released October 2005. Now includes flash charts and loads more. Extra security as well. It includes: here for more

PHP Stock Quote Tracker allows you to display real-time stock quotes on your website using PHP. Extremely simple setup -- edit one line, then cut and paste! here for more

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