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Manage and track your real estate properties online. Easy system allows you to view and update your property information from anywhere over the web. Instantly find out tenant and lease information, or view costs associated with your property. View your monthly income on each property in here for more

wwdbank is an online pocket money / allowance management system, administered by parents. It could also be used to manage a token economy or reward system in the classroom or other institutional setting. Easy to set up - most of the set up is completed automatically with setup.php. Requires PHP and here for more

We offer a number of great mortgage calculators for FREE Payment/Amortization Extra Payments Rent Vs Buy Should I Refinance Points Vs No here for more

Estimating software can enable your business to run with higher efficiency and better service. Keep costs down and make more accurate bids with estimating here for more

With this free script, you can record your checkbook or bank account withdrawls and deposits. You don`t even need to know how to add. You just enter the amount and whether or not it was a debit or credit to your here for more

Web-based project information management systems for construction projects. Ideal for design, engineering, architectural, interior decorating, construction, supplier, contracting, developer, real estate and municipal construction here for more

A web based customer database application that uses PHP and a database backend (currently MySQL) to keep track of customer information, services, products, billing, and customer service information. The program will be able to run on any PHP-enabled web here for more

"Value" automatically updates real-time information about your investment club or portfolio. "Value" will get quotes and determine a current NAV for your club. "Value" also displays gain/loss for each security and member in the club. This program is not accounting here for more

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