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It is really simple to install, you upload the files, you modify the config file and all is done. You have an WebAdmin area to change percentages ... a report page for bursted bubbles here for more

Salary modul is the one for counting/calculating salary for authors that writing using PHP Nuke system. We know that most of pages based on PHP Nuke are fancy, but anyway, by using Salary modul you can evaluate which author is best in your here for more

Enhance the attractiveness of your existing HYIP site by adding CASH incentives for members to introduce more members. If the conventional motivation isn`t enough, reward your members with a percentage (%) commissions of what their referred purchased.*Note - This is an add-on which only works with here for more

LOGITRADE MANAGER is your most affordable start to capitalize on your predictions. It is a fully automated, highly functional and self-administering online system which help you do more than the following things: PUBLISH your stock/options/fx predictions; TRACK your performance; MANAGE your here for more

Mortgage calculator for US mortgages. Easy to include as popup into existing site. Calculator can be called from e.g. a property listing with appended property here for more

Professional High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) where you and your investors can make smart money via e-gold enabled system built on PHP/MySQL. Current version allows you to Pay By One Click (Mass Payment) using cURL engine. Secure Shoping Cart here for more

zAurum PHP is an open-source free software allowing to perform mass payments (suitable for commission paying, distributing referral fees and so on). zAurum PHP is part of zaurum project hosted by here for more

quikmoney allows you to manage your home banking account online. After download of the data from your bank, you can analyse your accounts by category, see charts, reports, and here for more

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