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This is a collection of PHP-scripts that uses a MySQL-database and enables the user to connect to ICQ services using only a WAP 1.2 enabled unit, such as (almost) ANY wap-mobile phone or PDA....click here for more

WAPbuddy is designed to a very, very simple way of building a mini WAPsite to upload ringtones and whatnot your cellphone. No database or setup is required -- only a host that can handle PHP. V1.2 adds support for the Sharp GSX10 Mobile....click here for more

WMLStart.php is a compact, understandable, yet fully-working sample WAP/WML application contained in a single PHP script. It requires no installation and no configuration. Use it as an example or starting point when developing your own WML pages in PHP....click here for more

To provide real-time mobile phone accessible project monitoring and information system based on dotproject by www.dotmarketing.org. This wapplet is developed using WinWAP emulator. Usability has been our priority while writing this application....click here for more

To provide real-time mobile-phone-accessible healthcare information system based on CARE 2002 Integrated Information System for Hospitals and Health Care Organizations and Services, www.care2x.com....click here for more

pofHQ wapMAIL is an IMAP mail client for use with a WAP browser. It has multiple user support with login/password protection, the ability to read mail messages in different folders, the ability to compose and send new emails, reply to a message, and delete messages, and the ability to browse long em...click here for more

Spix MobileMail enables users to view and send their e-mail from any wap enabled device....click here for more

This script detects the type of visitor`s browser and automatically redirects them to the appropriate content (HTML for desktop browsers or WML for WAP devices)....click here for more

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