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WAP based email system that connects either via POP3 or IMAP. Free version allows browsing all emails contained with in the INBOX of an IMAP or POP3 local email account. The commercial version allows connection to remote mail servers and reply to / composing new emails....click here for more

WapCoMail PRO software is written only in Php, easy to install on every web server and it is used to open e-mail boxes from mobile phones with WAP. With PRO version you can open emails from all email`s folders, compose new messages, delete emails or even move them from a folder to another and modify...click here for more

Get your e-mail anywhere you go. With Momail you can simply read your mail from any mail-server on any wap enabled device. A single file does it all. Some features are: multiple number of providers, IMAP and POP3 both secure and non-secure, any wap 1.0 enabled device (this includes even the earliest...click here for more

HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML Hybrid Adapted Webserver and is a PHP class library for universal mobile applications. HAWHAW supports output of the following markup languages: HTML, XHTML, WML, cHTML (iMode), VoiceXML and MML....click here for more

KMS Wap Site is a simple way of creating a wap site that allows you to download files to your phone/pda/wap enabled device. Pictures, Java Games and ringtones can be easily added. It only requires webspace....click here for more

Wapuploader provides a simple user interface where users can upload files to a webserver. The user will then recieve an ID that should be entered on a wap page. Your phone will then start to download the uploaded file....click here for more

Wap Portal Server is WAP Content Management System. It allows you to create and maintain your WAP site easily through web user interface. If you want to create a WAP site and update it on regular basis then Wap Portal Server is the right solution for you. Maintaining your WAP portal site with Wap Po...click here for more

Kms Mailer lets you read your pop3/imap account emails from your wap, you can specify how many emails accounts to be opened from your wap and it will open your emails! Even you can delete your emails....click here for more

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